A social challenge

for Creativity.

Sensibilisation about the topic #leideesipagano

During several events, specific seminars, and speeches by Patrizia Pfenninger and Pasquale Diaferia about the #leideesipagano campaign underline the importance of defending this fundamental culture.

#leideesipagano during the Creativity Day – Reggio Emilia 

17th October 2017

Seminar special lesson(sensitisation)at SUPSI – Trevano 

6th April 2017

Seminar special lesson (sensitisation)at IED – Rome 

3rd April 2017

#leideesipagano with "IDEA" artwork exposed during the Opening of Academic Year "IUAD Accademia della Moda" – Naples 

18th February 2017

During the opening speech of Exhibition "FoodGraphia" at Palazzo Senato – Milano   

19th January 2017

Seminar #leideesipagano at Circolo del Design Torino  – Turin

16th November 2016

Sensibilisation speech at Festival della Crescita – Milano 

3rd November 2016

Presentation of the campaign “#leideesipagano" inside Creativity Day – Rome 

31st May 2016

Presentation of the campaign “#leideesipagano" at Festival della Crescita – Bologna 

30th May 2016

During a sensibilisation speech at SPOT School Award – Salerno 

28th May 2016:

Speech at ControVerso – Milano 

19th April 2016

Seminar at COMMUNICO – Lugano 

16thApril 2016

Presented inside BNL Media Art Festival of MAXXI Museum – Rome 

15th April 2016

The artwork IDEA was exposed at the following occasions:

“Caos&Miracoli” workshop by Pfenninger/Diaferia – Bari 7th June 2022

"IUAD Accademia della Moda" – Naple."IDEA" artwork exposed during the Opening of Academic Year. 18th February 2017

Palazzo Ducale during an evening event about creativity  – Genoa

13th January 2017

Circolo del Design Torino – Torino. 16th November 2016

The artwork was presented inside BNL Media Art Festival – Rome 15th April 2016

If you are interested in the artwork and its surrounding life, visit Patrizia’s Portfolio and discover how this artwork is part of broader research.

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